What We Do

Independent Options for Mobility is an independent, innovative and flexible provider of Orientation and Mobility (O&M) and Travel Training services.

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Orientation means knowing where you are in space, in relation to the things around you. It means you can answer the following questions:

  • Where am I now?
  • Where am I going?
  • How am I going to get there?

Mobility is about how you move through your environment. This might mean using a mobility aid like a long cane, or it might mean learning ways of travelling more safely and independently.

Who do we work with?

If you want to travel through your community more safely and independently, then we can help. We work with people who have:

  • blindness or low vision,
  • cortical vision impairment (CVI),
  • an acquired brain injury,
  • a cognitive disability,
  • a physical disability, or
  • a learning disability.

We work with both children and adults to develop mobility goals that take into account your family situation and needs.

What we do:

For individuals, we can provide:

  • Functional vision assessments.
  • Functional mobility assessments.
  • CVI Range assessment
  • Individual O&M and travel training programs.
  • Training in the use of equipment and mobility aids.
  • Training and support for families and carers, service providers, and others.

Our training might involve teaching you to:

  • Find your way within your home, your local area, or your local city.
  • Plan and follow travel routes.
  • Safely negotiate obstacles.
  • Safely cross roads.
  • Independently use public transport.
  • Find your way again if you get lost.
  • Receive appropriate assistance from the public when required.

We also:

  • Refer to other service providers as required.
  • Offer group programs.
  • Provide individual advocacy.
  • Provide information and support to your family and friends so they can help you to be more independent.

Interesting in finding out more?  For more information, see our FAQ page, or contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions.


For organisations referring individuals for orientation and mobility/travel training, we offer:

Presentations and Professional Development

  • How blindness and low vision impacts an individual’s independent mobility.
  • How to support an individual’s independent mobility skills.
  • How to guide a person who has low vision or is blind.
  • Understanding vision loss for professionals.
  • Vision loss and mobility in the workplace.
  • Vision loss and mobility in educational settings.
  • How to support safe travel in a residential setting or workplace.
  • Orientation and mobility with very young children.
  • Cortical vision impairment (CVI)

Additional Services

  • Low Vision advocacy.
  • Consultancy within primary and secondary education settings.
  • Environmental Access Reports: recommendations for modifications to the environment to facilitate access for people with low vision or blindness.


Fees are negotiated according to individual needs and funding options.  These options include:

Further information:

View our Charter of IOM participant rights and responsibilities and download our IOM Service Information Sheet (If you require this information in a braille format, please contact us.)

Read the National Standards for Disability Services  or the Easy English Disability Standards