Education Consultancy Services

We offer education consultancy/visiting teacher services to students with a vision impairment.  These services include:

Student services

  • 1:1 student support as appropriate
  • attendance at  SSG meetings (Student Support Group meeting)
  • student support in small group forums as appropriate
  • information about and delivery of the Expanded Core Curriculum for blind and vision impaired students
  • report writing for education and funding purposes
  • information regarding access to resources such as large print texts, E-texts etc
  • provision of supporting documentation for alternative assessment and examination provisions
  • Support for  students and schools at transition times, such as moving from  primary to secondary settings or moving campuses
  • information regarding adaptive technology options,  suppliers and training
  • information regarding and referral to other service providers in the community as appropriate
  • collaboration and liaison with other providers as appropriate to achieve education goals
  • information for parents regarding low vision and education issues
  • provision of home visits as appropriate
  • information for work experience placement providers as appropriate

Professional Development 

  • practical information and activity based session for staff  to experience low vision and associated learning challenges
  • provision of information regarding functional implications of vision loss
  • provision of information for staff and students to encourage student inclusion and participation in all school activities including camps and excursions
  • provision of on-going professional development events as required
  • information on relevant terminology – visual acuity, low vision, legal blindness
  • strategies to identify and address education issues
  • information regarding alternate formats including large print, audio, braille
  • practical information and activity  based sessions for the student’s classmates and wider school cohort


  • Independent Visiting Teachers for Vision fees are tailored to meet individual needs. The fee structure includes an option for an hourly or daily fee.